Our Center has selected the “Creative Curriculum” as a framework for our classes.  The curriculum engages children actively in the learning process, provides a variety of developmentally appropriate learning experiences, and encourages children to pursue their own interests in the context of life in the community and the world.

In addition to using the Creative Curriculum as our framework, our infant/toddler classes use the “Innovations for Infant and Toddlers”.  Our Preschool classes use “Innovations for Preschool” and our Pre-K class uses the “Letter People”.  Each of these curriculums provides rich, meaningful experiences for the children.

Spanish classes are provided each week for ages 18 months through Pre-K. The children learn common vocabulary words, numbers, colors, shapes, parts of the body, general greetings and the days of the week.  We feel that introducing a foreign language to children opens up young minds to other cultures and the world around them.

Extra Curricular Activities
We understand how difficult it can be to schedule activities in the evening for your children.  We offer a wide variety of activities for an additional fee.  These may include gymnastics, dance, computer classes, and private piano lessons. 

Where Learning Starts at the Roots…

Our infants are cared for in a nurturing and loving environment that lets them know they are special.  At Tree of Knowledge we recognize that each infant is a unique individual with unique needs.  Our infants are provided with a safe space in which to grow, and freedom to move within that space.  Our teachers provide many opportunities for individual attention, conversation, and cuddling that is so important during this first year of development. It is critical that the teachers and parents develop a trusting relationship.  We strive to communicate carefully and completely with each family to enhance that trusting relationship.

Our teachers possess a loving and attentive nature.  They are trained to be responsive to the needs of each infant.  Our infant room is designed and our teachers are trained to make each infant’s health, happiness, and well being their primary responsibility. The teachers are trained to provide for each stage of your child’s development by encouraging language, social interaction, and physical growth.  Our age appropriate toys and activities help in their growing process.

At Tree of Knowledge, we understand the importance of health and safety.  To help maintain the cleanliness of the room, our parents and staff wear “shoe covers” to minimize outside dirt and germs.  Each infant has their own crib and cubbie for personal storage.  A sheet and blanket is provided and washed daily.  Toys are sanitized as needed during the day and at the end of each day.

We welcome you and your infant to come grow with us.

Toddlerhood is an exciting and challenging period for children and for their parents and teachers. Toddlers are perfecting motor skills rather than acquiring a lot of new ones.  They are experiencing changes in other areas of development – social, emotional, and intellectual (language and cognition).   Toddlerhood is a dynamic period of development.  Our staff understands that the toddler years are about becoming a separate person, becoming independent enough to do things for yourself, and becoming skillful in making friends, playing roles, communicating, expressing feelings, and solving problems.   At Tree of Knowledge, your toddler’s development is encouraged through daily activities and interactions. 

The toddler years are marked by many important transitions that continue the lifelong task of learning to separate from home and connect to the larger world. Toddlers often enter formal early childhood settings during this stage.  This is a time that they begin to expand their interactive world. It is our goal to provide a positive experience for your child in a nurturing and loving environment.

We understand the importance of health and safety in each of our classrooms.  Each child has their own cot and cubbie for personal storage.  A clean sheet is provided each day.  The children are encouraged to bring their favorite blanket to snuggle with at nap time.  Toys are sanitized as needed during the day and at the end of each day.

At Tree of Knowledge, every moment of every day presents an opportunity for children to explore and experience.  We welcome you and your toddler to come and explore with us.

Preschool  (2 1/2 to 4 years)
Welcome to the preschool program at Tree of Knowledge Learning Center.  Our classes for preschool begin at 2 ½ years old and continue until the children go to kindergarten.   Young children grow in an environment that is nurturing and safe.  Our teachers strive to provide a nurturing environment where children are allowed to grow and excel.

Our classrooms are arranged to further the development of each child.  Upon touring our center, look for a variety of age appropriate hands-on activities including manipulatives, art, music, dramatic play, blocks, sand and water, science area, reading area, math area and computers.

The curriculum used in the preschool classes is “Innovations Preschool Curriculum”.  Responding to the children’s interests is at the heart of emergent curriculum and central to the “Innovations” approach to early childhood education.  It focuses on encouraging, facilitating, and stimulating a child’s development.  It addresses the major developmental milestones that all preschool children face, such as adjusting to school, making friends, communicating, and problem solving.

Children are always learning and at Tree of Knowledge our teachers support that learning in whatever form it may take.  We believe in creating a positive interactive environment that ensures that children’s emotional needs are met as well as provide a rich and meaningful experience for the children each day. 

Pre-K  (4 and 5 year olds)
It is our goal at Tree of Knowledge Learning Center to socially/emotionally, physically, and cognitively prepare children and their families for the coming years of formal education.  It is our desire to provide your child with a positive experience before starting school. 

The curriculum used in the Pre-K Class is the “Letter People”.  Research shows that children learn by doing.  And a wonderful, classroom tested way to get children doing is to bring the Letter People into their lives.  These special friends get children talking and moving; interacting and experimenting; drawing and counting; and ultimately ready to read and write.  Each Letter Person has a unique and engaging personality, a special identifying characteristic, and a memorable song.  Each Letter Person will help each child learn something new.

The Letter People focuses on oral language, phonological and phonemic awareness, and preparation for literacy.  The content of the program reaches across all subject areas, including science, health and safety, art, math, spatial concepts, music, and the development of large and small motor skills.  The program places major emphasis on personal growth, interpersonal relations, and conflict resolution – all aspects of social development. Our Pre-K teachers believe in this meaningful hands on approach to learning which allows the children to explore, experiment, and become confident learners with the skills they need for kindergarten.